About Us

HCSS-Int.- Limmen, The Netherlands.

 Founded in 1990, Health Care Special Services-Int. (HCSS-Int.) is an international crisis aid service for patients  suffering from mental and somatic complaints. HCSS-Int. provides relief  and consultancy anywhere in the world. HCSS-Int. also arranges for transportation of patients.

How do we work?

We operate 24-7, providing consultancy and global support.

Sending out personnel

We have specialist nurses and medical specialists available on demand that we can send out as medical escorts.  Preparations and repatriation can start immediately after consultation. 

Our Core Business

Health Care Special Services-Int. can provide in-depth medical services in terms of consultancy, scouting and repatriation of patients. HCSS-Int. ensures professional relief and after-care in the country of residence.

Transportation mode

We specialise in moving patients by air, but we also provide transport by special taxis or limousines both in The Netherlands and neighbouring countries.

Optimising our services

Under the supervision of psychiatrists, HCSS-Int. continually seeks to provide a high-quality service in terms of intervention, guidance, relief and aftercare in the home country.  We use a Corporate Guidelines Manual describing all processes and instructions in detail, and we review them in retrospect.

This process takes place under the supervision of the Commission for Healthcare Audit and Inspection.

HCSS-Int. closely co-operates with SPEL – Hilversum, a partnership of psychologists for first-line treatment. 

Service Modules

On request clients can pick the service modules they need to match their requirement.

Bank details

After the client has submitted a bank guarantee or authorised a one-time automated debit payment, HCSS-Int. will execute the order.


HCSS-Int. is bound to the new Privacy Act, the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act.  HCSS-Int. submitted a registration on 2 June 2000. The management of medical data, in so far as it relates to the Privacy Act,

was  registered with the Commission Personal Data Protection on 17 October 200 under number  M1003177.

A copy of the registration is available on request.